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InfraRed At A " Hot Spot "

Many of you have called or written about a UFO  "Hot Spot" you would like to see using InfraRed.  If you would like to help fund an Expedition to your favorite hot spot and have the photos put on the website click the links below.   If you are sending $4.99 or more use the bottom button and receive access to the Members' area "Hot spot" maps.  Once your payment has been verified by a confirmation email you will receive your passcode.

    The bars indicate the amount of Funds made available by  members and visitors for each Expedition. 
UFO Expedition
3(n)= Length of Expedition
  (n)=    30  
  # of sightings per
  year at proposed
           site                =  Ave # of UFO
        12 (months)         passes per month (y)
   (n)= number of days to
           stay at site to see
           1 UFO pass


Use this button if you are sending 4.99 or more
so you can be sent your passcode to the member