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UFO Expeditions & Detection Organization

Members' comments

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Below are last month's winners who were
first at picking the June 2006 Hot Spot.
K. Talbert  Seattle,Wa
M. Clemmons  Syracuse, NY
R. Coronel Lakewood, Wa
T. Mc Laughlin Los Angeles, Ca
J. Fillmore  Sacramento, Ca
J. Rainey  London, Enland
D. Haskell  Portsmouth, England
S. Roberts  Tampa, FL
F. Andrews  Chicago, IL
P. Crawford  Omaha, NE

  Thanks Gary.  The trip was great.  If people can have the patience to look for  UFO all morning this is the trip.  My wife and I are buying a certificate to send our neighbors before fall.  Make sure to tell them to bring a lunch!
                                                   The Carters
                                                   Orlando, Fl

  Mr. Anderson,  I have looked for Ufos all my life but have never been able to see one LIVE.  I have been to Nevada around the Nellis AFB and have done some camping in Pheonix but your InfraRed system really makes the difference.  I have no doubt in my mind that if I had yor system with me I would have found something long ago.  I am getting ready for another trip if I can make the waiting list.  When I do I hope to get a new photo with the new lenses you were telling me about.  Also, you told me you were getting ready to allow people to bring their own IR cameras and film.  I am taking a couple of classes and think I may be able to do it.
                                                                 Pat McFaygen
                                                                 Dallas, Tx

We are currently looking for an assistant manager for the Organization.  If you have  a few hours available each week and would like to be a part of an expedition
send an email to