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InfraRed At A " Hot Spot "

A Beverly Hills UFO fan has emailed Mr. Anderson and has asked for help to see if there is any truth behind the Ufo Lore that Aliens have " infested " the airspace over Southern California.

With his permission and request an excerpt from their email correspondence will be posted here along with  " select " photos from the expedition.     8/21/06


September 5 & 6:
Mr. Anderson and financer will be going out to the proposed site, selected by the philanthropist, to set up the InfraRed observation post.
September 28,29 & 30:
Sensors turned on
October 2,3 & 4:
Sensors turned on

This page is currently being updated as information comes in.

Purpose of the Organization

To find and detect UFOs while providing our members and support a means of Detection they are looking for to bring UFOs down so we can learn more about them.

1. We use proven detection technologies and not equipment
    that has failed Ufo seekers in the past or has only brought
    limited results.
2. Take these technologies out to where Ufos are most often

What's new

    Every 6 months I try to rate the top 3 ufo reports we receive and take the best report, the report with the best chance of providing a detected UFO, to use for an InfraRed investigation.  Last time we traveled to Texas.  It was a late May trip to determine if a woman named Johanna had really found a new unreported UFO hot spot near the Gulf of Mexico.  The spot was nice.  It provided clear enough sky to do some good observing.  After scanning in every direction we let Johanna know there were definitely no UFOs in the area and left her with a cd of the surveys.  We also supplied her with an " all clear " report from the nearby air traffic control radars which showed no UFOs had been in the area.  She had told us that UFOs could be seen " every " weekend from her hilltop residence.

    Our next investigation involves a man named Alex from the Northeastern United States.  Alex reported that he is an abduction victim that had first been abducted by the Reptilian Aliens outside of Boston, Ma in March of 1998.  He has sought assistance from other organizations but has been unable to get the technical help he beleives is necessary to prove his abductions are real. 


Above is Alex's abduction site